Most interesting thing in every student’s notebook!

No one can actually define the relationship between a student and his notebook. Most of the students has to give more time to their copies than to their comics , TV shows , matches or their lovers.

And the copies looks hardly interesting to me. All the notes , chapters , and those frightening formulas.. They are not even 1% tempting to me.

But there is one thing which makes these school copies interesting. And it is the “last page” of the notebook.

The features which I found of this last page are :-

  • There is no rule for writing. You can write in any direction. 
  • Cartoons of teachers and friends are permitted in the last page.
  • It has no shape. You can tear the pieces in any design.
  • You can write phone no.s of your friends in it. 
  • It does not encourage discrimination so it allows content of all other subjects in it.
  • If you are feeling bored , it gives the facility of playing games in it. 

  • It allows you to communicate with your friends by passing messages on it .

 So the last page is always interesting to read whether it is your’s or someone else’s.

Check your last pages of your previous copies or diaries and share your opinions.. Thank you

Most difficult but funny moments !

Someone has really well said that- 

The best things in life are not things but moments

But there are some moments in which situations become difficult and  sometime funny also.  

   I tried to find some of these awkward moments in my surrounding life and found them really confusing. 

  • Pulling a push door. –   Many times I have faced this situation. While entering one shop I pulled the main door but still it didn’t move. After my second attempt a small boy came rushing and pushed it and entered in same shop. 

  • Kiss scene with family –  Sunday is  the day to spend and enjoy with my whole family. We at least watch one or two movies on that day. Watching movie with parents is great fun but  when suddenly a kiss scene appears  in it , this fun changes into  confusing state (how to react).

  • Asking for the pen back –with school friends it is obvious to share things. When someone ask for pen I used to readily give it. But problem comes when  the other person totally forgets about it and you dont know how to ask again for your pen ( especially when the pen is special).

  • The most awkward one –  

 one day  my friend was cracking a joke  and he was laughing. I asked him so he told me the joke. I didn’t got it and asked again .  He told again, but this time also I didn’t understand  and asked him “what” again. He told again and this time I laughed ( but still I didn’t understand what he was saying ;))

 Really such moments are very confusing and funny also.    Thanks for reading.    And if you have faced such moments so don’t forget to share with me . 🙂

Munsyari – view of heaven !

Last time when I opened my book (English literature, I love it) I read the poem with lines ” a thing of beauty is a joy forever”. And yes I found it true. 

Some places are good and some are better but there are some places which shouldn’t be missed at all.

 You would have heard about many famous hill stations across the world but….

There is a place whose beauty can’t  be defined in words. Very few people know about this place which is the best  example of words – amazing ,mindblowing, beautiful , wonderful and all.

This place is munisyari. Located in the state where god resides, it is the finest example of  natural beauty.

In pahad it is said that ” सौ संसार ,एक मुनस्यार”। it means  the beauty of 100 worlds is equal to the one view  of munsyari.

Munsyari is a place which can be best explored when you will personally visit it..

Munsyari is a treat to those who loves trekking. It leads the  trekkers to  high peaks of Himalayas. 

Have you ever heard about heaven? Want to see  how it looks?? Come here!

Every time you will visit here you will find something new. So it is worth visiting again and again..!

And pahadi people are known for their innocence and culture. Don’t miss it.. They treat visitors like god. What could be better!

Uttarakhand is famous for its temples and so is munsyari. these temples provides best scenes you have ever seen.. 

Leaving munsyari will make you feel emotional. But you will be glad when you will remember the days spend in the lap of nature. 

Note – Dont forget to click pictures..!! 

झूठ जो आपको बोला जाता है!

हम सभी थोडा बहोत झूठ बोलते हैं और उसी तरह हमसे भी कई लोग झूठ बोलते ही हैं।

पर कुछ झूठ होते जो हमे धोखा तो देते है और ये सिलसिला रुकता नहीं है। और ये झूठ करोडो लोगो से बोला जाता है खासकर students और उन लोगो से जिनके कुछ goals होते है।

ऐसा झूठ जो हम सभी से बोला जाता है। आप से भी और हमसे भी। तो क्या हैं वो झूठ?.

झूठ no. 1 – बहोत मेहनत करो और 10th मैं  अच्छे no.लेके आओ। तुम्हारी life तुम्हारा career इसी पर निर्भर करता है।

झूठ no. 2- बस थोड़ी सी मेहनत और , फिर  11th और 12th के बाद  जैसे ही अच्छा कॉलेज मिल जायेगा फिर तो तुम्हारी life set है।

झूठ no. 3- अब तैयारी पर लग जाओ upsc,jee,neet,gate etc के टेस्ट मैं वरना तुम्हारे दोस्त को जॉब मिल जायेगी और तुम्हे नहीं। नौकरी मिल गयी और सेटल होगये फिर तो life के मजे ही मजे !

झूठ  no. 4-settle हो ही गए हो तो शादी कर लो वरना 30 क बाद रिश्ते नहीं मिलेंगे। शादी क बाद मजे ही है।

झूठ no.5 – अब तुम्हारे बच्चे हो गए है तो तुम्हे ज्यादा काम करना चाहिए और ज्यादे पैसे जमा करने चाहिए। बच्चों का future secure कर लो , जिंदगी को जीने के लिए तो सारी उम्र बाकी है।

झूठ नो. 6 -अब आपका बच्चा 10th मैं पहुँच गया है तो बस अब आपकी बारी आजाती है फिर से वही झूठ बोलने की ।

हम ये जानके भी अंजान बनते हैं की जिंदगी बस इसी पल मैं है। अभी नहीं तो कभी नहीं। इसलिए खुलकर जीयो और मुस्कुराते रहो। जो भी करना  है अभी करो। न कभी past था और न ही कभी future। ये सब दिमाग में होते हैं पर कुछ सच में होता है तो वो है present।

हम सांस सिर्फ वर्तमान मैं लेते हैं इसलिए यही पल है जो है।

और लोगों को भी ये मेसेज बतायें और अपने views अगर पसंद आये तो plz  comment करें। thank you ..

Game of intelligence !

आज मुझे कुछ बहोत इंटरेस्टिंग photos मिली .|इनसे मझे एक विचार आया और मैं काफी सोचने लगा।

क्या चीज होती है जो इंसानो और जानवरो को अलग अलग करती हैं?

खाते वो भी है और इंसान भी, ताकत उनमे भी होती है और इंसान मैं भी। शायद इंसान से  भी ज्यादा  ताकत | 

बस इंसानो क पास होता है अक्ल या दिमाग या चतुराई कहें तो ठीक होगा ।  पर क्या ये सही है बेचारे  जानवरो का फायदा उठाना?

पर क्या होगा अगर उनके पास भी आजाये थोड़ी समझ या intelligence? 

  • अगर घोड़ो के पास अक्ल आजाये , तो फिर इंसान को उनके लिए गाड़ी खींचनी पड़ेगी ! 

 अगर चिड़ियों के पास भी इंसानो जैसी ताकत हो और दिमाग भी तो इंसान को पता लगता की कैसे सुर लगते ह केज क अंदर ।

अगर छोटे जानवरो का बस चलता तो वो भी इंसानो के बने कपड़े पहनते। और शादी मैं जाते उन्हें पहनकर।

अगर शार्क फिशेस को भी इंसानो जैसा दिमाग होता same to same, तो आज शार्क इंसानो क साथ selfie डालती।

अगर कुत्ते घर के मालिक होते तो इंसान होते पालतू। 

 कैसा लगा ये सब सोचकर और देखकर। ये तो फिर भी बहोत कम है। अब आप ही सोचिये अगर कोई हमसे कमजोर है तो उसका इतना फायदा उठाना चाहिए?

माना की हमारे पास दिमाग है पर हमारे पास दिल भी है। इसिलए जानवरो की रक्षा और  उनपे दया करो।

love animals !

( it may be a fact  that animals have small brain but then it will be also a fact that humans have small heart .so be a gentleperson !)

thanxx . plz share and comment if you agree:)

 why only lion- A King?

 live like a lion, live like a king”..

Many times I have heard such lines and similar dialogues. Even in movies the hero often compares themselves with lion!

So what makes a lion , the king of jungle?

  •   Neither the lion is big like elephant
  • Nor tall like a giraffe
  • Not even fast like a leopard
  • And not clever like a fox
  • Many animals have same and even better stamina than lion 

So why only lion???

This made me find some great facts and awesome life lessons..!

  • ” if size really mattered, the elephant would be the king of jungle” . 

So what matters? It is boldness .. Fact is that lion hunts everything from small rabbits to big elephants. No matter who is standing. He will go after whatever he want..!! 

  • Do you know difference between bark of dogs and roar of lion??

Dog barks to seek attention but the silence in jungle is enough to tell the presence of lion. Lion roars and this voice is the reputation of lion. This separates him from others.

Royal family !! Lion lives with his family . lion never bows his head before anyone except the lioness.

  • Lion loves and protects the family while lioness does 90% of hunting. 
  • That’s the love !

It is a fact that lion sleeps for 16-20 hours in a day. What could be a better reason than this to prove him a king..! After all there is a difference between leader and slave..!

Hope you loved the magnificence of our king.. This majestic animal is becoming rare. So  let’s save the king ! 

Thank you